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A History of the Inca (LOGO II)

A History of the Inca is a historical podcast focusing on one of the largest empires in pre-Columbian America. The Inca were the culmination of civilization in the Andes Mountains. The culture, government, and society were unique when compared to other societies and have yet to truly be explored in the podcasting world.

In A History of the Inca, Nick Machinski, Jason Tadano, & Alicia Yantas Quintana explore pre-Inca states and the hostile world they inhabited. We will learn of the Inca origins and how they were but one of many ethnic groups carving out a living miles above sea level. From their beginnings as a small ethnic group, we will march with their armies as they set out to expand their rule over the Andes. We dissect their administration and government while also looking at how ordinary people fared under the empire. When seemingly at its height, the Inca see the Spanish arrive. And though some end the rule of the Inca with the Spanish conquistadores, there is much more to the story…


A History of the Inca – podcast (LINK)



At the centre of our world lies the Box. It’s a small, friendly, internet-connected, Raspberry Pi-powered thing, and has speakers inside. When you place a museum object on it, an audio response will play.

It’s simpleversatile, and portable. So simple in fact before too long you’ll realise this flexibility lets you fill the Box with any story you can think of.

The Box also needs Collections. That’s what we call the set of 3D prints or postcards you use to trigger those stories. Every object has a little metal (NFC) sticker attached, and the Box recognises that to play its story.

There are two ways to work with us: you can purchase a Make Your Own kit from our online shop, and/or commission us to develop a fantastic, fun, compelling Collection for you and your audience.

Museum in a Box (LINK)

RUMI ART by Elizabeth La Torre Escalante

Rumi Art is art embodied in materials such as mineral stones and organic elements by local artist Elizabeth La Torre Escalante.

Each unique work is made by hand from locally sourced materials.

Winner of various ¨Feria de Artesanos del Santurantikuy¨ awards presented by La Empresa Municipal de Festejos del Cusco (EMUFEC S.A.), Rumi Art is regocinised for its contribution to artesanal work with stone.

Rumi Art (LINK)


Imagine unearthing a dinosaur fossil never before seen by the human eye, or discovering an ancient artifact that has been hidden in the sand for millennia.

Now, with Ancient Odysseys, embracing your inner Indiana Jones or Alan Grant is within your reach.

Ancient Odysseys has searched the globe, working directly with archaeologists and paleontologists to offer you fossil digs, dinosaur digs and archaeological digs for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation for you and your family.

Each excavation site we feature is a true scientific endeavor, where you’ll be working on-site, right alongside professional archaeologists and paleontologists as the ultimate “citizen scientist.”

Ancient Odysseys (LINK)

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