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Are the workshops in English or in Spanish?

We can provide workshops in both languages as we have native English and native Spanish speakers.


What if I know nothing about ancient cultures or archaeology?

No problem. Many people attend our workshops and join our programmes with the purpose to learn something totally new.


Will I be working with genuine artefacts?

Yes. You will work under the guidance of our licensed archaeologists and you will be handling and registering genuine, pre-Columbian artefacts.


Can I take photographs?



How many people can attend the workshops?

We have space for 10 adults and 4 young persons per workshop.


Where are the artefacts from?

The artefacts that we are currently registering are part of a private collection. All of the registry works are in coordination with the Peruvian Ministry of Culture.


Are there any ‘extra costs’ for the workshops?

No, adults pay $49 per workshop and Young persons pay $29.


How long is the workshop?

The workshop lasts a total of 3 hours.


What do I need to bring to the workshop?

We suggest that you bring a jacket or sweater to the evening workshop.


Can I attend the workshop without a booking?

We always suggest booking beforehand but if there is space available on the workshop then you can attend without a reservation. However, if the workshop is fully booked then we cannot expand the size workshop group. The maximum group size is 10 adults and 4 young persons.


Can we book for a group of more than 10 persons or for smaller private groups?

It may be posible for us to accommodate groups of different sizes depending on the time of year. Contact us directly for more details.


I want to join the 2022 Archaeology Programme but I have no experience. Can I sign up?

Of course! Our archaeologists will guide you step by step through the processes involved in excavation and artefact registry.


Is there an age limit for the Archaeology Programme?

We recommend that you are over 21 years old. We may accept younger applicants but this would be decided on an individual basis.


Where is the accommodation on the Archaeology Programme?

The accommodation is at a hostel that shares the same building as the Centro Cultural Aq’amama.


Where is the 2022 excavation site?

The excavation site is called ‘Machu Qolqa’. It is about 1 hour from Cusco by car.


Will I actually dig at the excavation site?

Yes. You will become an integral part of the Aq’amama archaeology team.

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