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Centro Cultural AQ’AMAMA Centro Cultural AQ’AMAMA Centro Cultural AQ’AMAMA


Centro Cultural AQ’AMAMA

Chavin style strap handle vessels, one with incision designs.

Ceramic representation of potato.

Inca plate with bird head handle.

Ceramic representations from Peru’s coastal region.

Ceramics from Peru’s northern coast representing a monkey and birds.

Minature ceramic vessels from various Peruvian cultures, each measuring less than 10cm (4″).

Decorative Chimu style figures with stylized chelipeds (claws).

Typical Inca vessels in cream and cinnabar red.

Ceremonial idol, northern Peru.

Chancay style ceremonial idol.

Anthropomorphic representation, Chimu style.

Ceramic vessels from Peru’s northern coast.

Small aribalos and plate from the Imperial Inca period

Incomplete Inca ceramic vessels

Ceremonial ceramics with decorated strap handled vessel, Inca plates, and representations of feline and camelid forms.

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